Flexible process control

Mastering process complexity through flexible process control

Short product lifecycles, customized products, a large number of variants and high flexibility: manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge of adapting their production systems. The requirements for production systems are constantly increasing while at the same time companies have to manage the complexity. Classical production systems are increasingly reaching their limits.

The Fraunhofer IPT therefore researches and develops new manufacturing and assembly concepts for flexible process control. The focus is on cyber-physical, self-optimizing and dynamically interconnected production systems that react adaptively to changing conditions. The modularity and reconfigurability of systems in combination with intelligent process control enables efficient production of products up to batch size 1.

Our range of services

  • Research on flexible process control and regulation
  • Development of new production and assembly concepts
  • Development of data-supported systems for process control
  • Development of systems for information provision and decision support


Freely networked assembly systems

The research project "freeMoVe" develops new organizational forms for the demand-oriented provision of information in the freely networked assembly.

Energy-oriented MES

The aim of "eMES" is to develop a software prototype for energy-oriented production control and regulation.

Stem cell based drug prediction

"StemCellFactory III" is dedicated to the development of test systems for drug testing and personalized pharmacotherapy in the field of neuropsychiatric diseases.

Flexible, efficient value chains

The aim of "Leistungszentrum" is to develop networked, adaptive production by networking and digitizing hardware and software systems as well as the product itself.