Big data – collecting and securely processing large amounts of data

With the growing spread of sensors and the networking of plants with complex software systems, the flood of data in production is increasing. Even the mere recording and structured storage of such large amounts of data involves a considerable effort. The hoped-for transparency is often replaced by chaotic conditions. Only structured data processing offers the prerequisites for extracting truly relevant information and gaining knowledge.

Fraunhofer IPT develops efficient concepts for fast data processing and evaluation and transforms them into real-time applications. The first step is to record the data using suitable communication technologies such as 5G and to forward the data using suitable protocols and interfaces.

Data linking, data preprocessing and the secure handling of valuable production data play just as important a role for us as questions about autonomous decision-making using Big Data algorithms and corresponding software solutions.

Where to put all the data?

As a manufacturing company, you are reluctant to hand over your data. On the other hand, you would certainly like to try out how you can benefit from digitization in your production? From joint research projects on the use of AI or machine learning to modern sensor technology and mobile data transmission with 5G to testing a wide variety of Big Data tools on our secured Fraunhofer Edge Cloud – we support you in your curiosity!

Fraunhofer Edge Cloud

To process large amounts of data securely and close to our own production, we operate the Fraunhofer Edge Cloud. We offer a wide range of Big Data solutions and services for manufacturing companies.

5G in der Produktion

5G mobile technology makes it possible to transmit large amounts of data with short latencies almost in real time. We check whether and how this technology fits into your production and help with integration.

Artificial intelligence in production

AI offers great opportunities for production. We have already used applications, algorithms and data management profitably in many fields of application.