GMP compliant plant design

GMP – The good practice in the manufacture of medicinal products

Good Manufacturing Practice is the internationally recognized quality guide for the production of pharmaceutical products. Since quality, efficacy and safety are the top priorities for drugs, measures must be taken for drug manufacturing to ensure that these criteria are met. Therefore, guidelines for quality assurance of the production processes and environment in the manufacture of drugs and active ingredients are summarized under GMP.

To enable you to integrate the GMP guidelines into your manufacturing process without time-consuming research, the Fraunhofer IPT provides you with the GMP-Wiki. The reference work we developed contains a clear directory of all requirements, guidelines and standards. In addition, it offers you constructive design suggestions for efficient product manufacturing and explains all measures for GMP certification.


Test our GMP Wiki 2 days for free. After that you can choose between the following license models:

  • Single license
    400 € per year
  • Package with 10 user licenses
    1.500 € per year
  • Enterprise package with unlimited licenses
    2.500 € per year

The GMP Wiki is currently only available in German.