Software for laboratory automation – Central control for all cell and gene production

What if you could monitor and control your automated lab processes from anywhere? All with just one software? – Then you could simply drag and drop your lab protocols and get started. You could conveniently call up the latest process data via tablet.

The Fraunhofer IPT has faced these challenges and has been automating partially or fully automated laboratory processes for 10 years now – especially in the field of cell and gene therapeutics. The scalable, automated laboratory processes thus enable an increase in throughput and product quality. Successful use in the laboratory requires holistic, intuitive control software. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer IPT has developed the customized software offers device-specific drivers for your laboratory devices and thus enables a service-oriented interface. The various capabilities of the devices are thus modeled in services and can be combined into process chains. In this way, individual laboratory processes can be created flexibly and executed at a defined point in time. In, all data of their measurement are clearly displayed and stored. In addition, all procedures and measurement processes are automatically documented and, for example, prepared for compliance with regulations (e.g. GAMP). The web-based GUI offers clear monitoring and control of devices and processes from mobile devices in the network. If several process chains are executed on your devices, the scheduling determines the optimal order of the jobs.

Our services

  • GAMP-compliant control software for automated laboratory processes
  • Customized software development
  • Laboratory equipment-specific driver development and data integration
  • Plant planning and development
  • GMP-compliant design and construction

Software functions

All devices – one software

With the help of device-specific drivers, the cope.agents, you control all devices with just one software through customized services.

Laboratory processes in focus

Monitor all your processes and materials on clear dashboards and view measurement results directly on your mobile device.

Drag & Drop

Connect the services of your devices into a process chain and execute them in an automated way.


Measuring cells and test

Using flexible solutions for networking and control, multi-variant test sequences can be automated cost-effectively.

Cell and gene therapy

Automated control of the entire process chain from sample collection to finished product for your GMP-compliant cell and gene manufacturing processes.


Realize with us production plants for automated 3D printing and bioprinting for many fields of application in medicine (e.g. implantology).



The fully automated system for the cultivation of stem cells enables the processing of individual donor material as a flexible production system. The IPT's process software controls all the necessary equipment and reacts adaptively to changing system conditions.


In AIDPATH, an automated and intelligent facility for the production of so-called CAR-T cells will be established over a period of four years, which will be able to provide targeted and patient-specific cell therapy directly at the point of treatment.


In JointPromise, a manufacturing platform for the automated production of complex joint implants for regenerative therapy is being established.


Communication and control systems

(Jung et al., 2018): Service-oriented Communication and Control System Architecture for Dynamically Interconnected Assembly Systems, 2018.

Cell products

(Doulgkeroglou et al., 2020): Automation, Monitoring, and Standardization of Cell Product Manufacturing, 2020.


Control software

(Jung et al., 2018): Highly modular and generic control software for adaptive cell processing on automated production platforms, 2018.