Fine machining and optics – Passion for precision

The department "Fine Machining and Optics" deals with the research and development of technologies for the production and machining of precision components. With our know-how as well as the latest machine and software technology, we consider the entire process chain - from tool design to the design and simulation of manufacturing processes to the production of prototypes. Our technology portfolio includes automated fine machining, diamond cutting, ultra-precision grinding, polishing, micro- and nanostructuring as well as the molding of high-precision glass optics. As an application-oriented research institute, we work on concrete questions and implement the research results directly in industrial practice for the benefit of the project partners. We offer cooperation within the framework of publicly funded R&D projects and bilateral industrial projects.



  • Models for predicting forming results
  • Fields of application: Precision Glass Molding, Non-isothermal Glass Molding and thin glass forming

Tool coating

  • Wear protection through ceramic and precious metal coating
  • Individually adapted PVD coatings
  • Worldwide unique service life test bench

Thin glass

  • Vacuum deep drawing of thin glass
  • Gravity slumping and vacuum-assisted slumping of thin glass

Glass molding

  • Molding of high-precision glass components
  • Non-isothermal Glass Molding
  • Coating of glass forming tools

Fine machining
and polishing

  • Machine-integrated and robot-based grinding and polishing processes
  • Tool system for automated polishing processes
  • Polishing processes for all geometries and requirements
  • Reduced finishing effort and better reproducibility by means of automation

Ultra-precision machining

  • Ultra-precision grinding
  • Ultra-precision turning

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Current research projects

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Completed research projects

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