Hightech material thin glass

Whether high-quality components in motor vehicles or components in electronics, the semiconductor industry or sensor technology: thin glass can be used in many different ways. In particular, thin glass is used where components need to be thinner or of higher quality. The advantage: The thin glass, which is only a few micrometers thick, is light, elastic and yet stable. Thin glass is used in these areas in particular:



  • Scratch resistant display cover glass
  • Knobs and switches for automotive interior
  • Infotainment displays

Mobile commerce

  • Displays – not only for smartphones and tablets
  • Cover glass
  • Displays for smart watches
  • Lenses for smart glasses

Medical and sensor

  • Evaporation dishes and mixture panels
  • Microscope lenses
  • Reflectors for surgery lamps
  • Glass membrane


  • Reflector for LED illumination
  • Illumination optics
  • Lenses magnifying glasses or telescopes
  • Eye glasses
  • Enclosures of sensors
  • Microlenses

Air and space

  • Satellite optics
  • Information displays
  • Anti-scratch visors


  • Smart home appliance
  • Displays and 3D control elements
  • Speakers

Our technologies

We develop automation solutions and manufacturing concepts to process thin glass for a variety of applications. Talk to us!


Gravity slumping and vacuum-assisted slumping of thin glass


Vacuum deep drawing of thin glass