Fine machining & optics

The department of "Fine machining and optics" develops technologies for the production and processing of high-precision components including glass lenses, replication tools and components for the semi-conductor industry. The basis of the technology development is a strong basis for understanding. Using concrete tasks, we transform this base in the industrial practice with the use of the latest machines and software solutions. The technology portfolio includes the ultra-precise grinding and polishing, diamond machining and precision molding.

Automated fine machining

Polierte Freiformflächen
We introduce automated superfinishing techniques into manufacturing systems for tool and mold making, for the manufacture of turbo machines and for medical technology applications. Superfinishing can be used to produce surfaces of technical to mirror-finish qualities. Due to the wider range of applications for the superfinishing grinding and polishing processes, we work on both robot-based and machine-integrated technologies in interdisciplinary projects with industrial and research partners.

Sapphire machining

In this area, we optimize grinding and polishing processes in order to increase their safety, reproducibility and efficiency. As part of different projects, we continue to develop the rotational grinding and coplanar polishing process and implement new force controls and temperature monitoring. We also compare the performance of newly developed grinding wheels with those currently available on the market.

NC form grinding

The NC form grinding technology makes it possible to economically manufacturing complex ceramic geometries. This technology pertains to a range of applications – from tool and mold making and high-precision machine components to satellite technology components. Our extensive process insights into this technology provide the basis for feasibility studies, tool and parameter selection as well as prototype manufacture.

Direct optics manufacture

Direkte Optikfertigung

The Fraunhofer IPT develops grinding and polishing processes specifically for the manufacture of high-precision optics with a focus on corrective grinding. By controlling processes according to the exposure time, we can correct different optical surfaces. We also produce our clients’ optical component prototypes via diamond cutting processes.

Replicative optics manufacture

Replikative Optikfertigung
We form high-precision glass optics using the replicative optics manufacturing technique of precision glass molding. Our development activities always take the entire process into account so that we can provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that are specific to their requirements.

FE process simulation

FE Prozess Simulation
These activities focus on process simulations using the Finite Element Method. At the moment, work is mainly concentrated on the simulation of glass forming processes. The Fraunhofer IPT also calculates and optimizes polishing tools for optics manufacturing.