Process Optimization and Automation

Concept development and implementation planning of process optimization & automation

Optimization and automation can make production processes more efficient, shorten throughput times and improve the quality of products. However, the first task manufacturing companies are facing is to identify internal production processes with promising potential for optimization and automation. Gaining an overview of suitable, commercially available technologies and providing capacities for the creation of integration concepts offer additional challenges. Together with companies, Fraunhofer IPT not only analyzes which optimization and automation potentials they can exploit in the future, but also develops feasible concepts for integrating new technologies.

Our range of services

  • Analysis of existing processes and applied manufacturing technologies as well as derivation of optimization potentials
  • Screening of commercially available technologies for process optimization and automation
  • Concept development for the integration of new technologies into the existing production
  • Comparison by determining the cost-benefit ratio
  • 3D modelling and simulation of the concepts
  • Drafting of a project roadmap for the systematic implementation of the developed concept

Artificial intelligence in cancer treatment

The research project AIDPATH is developing AI-assisted automated production for individual cell therapies in the modern hospital.

Determining the Quality 4.0 maturity level

The research project "Qbility" accompanies companies in the selection of suitable Quality 4.0 technologies and supports them with a software tool in the digitalization of their production.


Implementation of an I4.0 environment

In the research project "NEXT" economic efficiency of process digitization and cross-linking of TiAl investment casting is demonstrated.

Innovative battery technology

The Fraunhofer"Forschungsfertigung Batteriezelle" is engaged in the research of new, production-relevant battery cell concepts and their implementation.

Recovery of technology metals

The research project "MetalSens" pursues the low-dust and sensor-supported recovery of technology metals.

Objectification of visual inspection

The research project "KOMBI" designs objective quality assurance by using smart devices and machine learning.