Ultra-precision components

Whether in the automotive sector, aviation, optics or in medical technology – precision parts have become essential elements in numerous engineering applications. Where accuracy in the sub-micrometer range or even nano-structures are concerned, one of the key technologies is ultra-precision machining using mono-crystalline diamond tools. The high levels of accuracy this technology offers, has enormous potential for the requirements of the optics sector as well as for microsystems engineering, fluid engineering, medical engineering and biotechnology.

Over a decade of experience in ultra-precision machining

The Fraunhofer IPT has been researching the use of diamond tools to manufacture components for over 30 years. The expertise we have acquired in this field coupled with our expert selection of materials along with ultra-precision machines and air-conditioning technology enable us to continually push back the boundaries of what is technically viable in machining operations in the sub-micrometer range. We have extensive expertise in the demanding task of fine-tuning all process-machine interaction and even in the case of process times spanning several days, can control external influences to such a degree that an optimum outcome is guaranteed. Thus, we can ensure precision structural details, the highest degree of form accuracy and excellent surface quality to below 5nm Ra – always fully in accordance with your own specific requirements.

Our production services for precision machining

The production services we offer range from small to medium-sized optics and free-form surfaces through parts with extreme geometrical freedom and steep free-form details to micro and nano structures on large-scale surfaces of over one square meter or on embossing drums. Our machine shop includes diamond milling machines, ultra-precision planing and fly-cutting machines as well as diamond lathes with highly dynamic fast-tool modules for this purpose. Various extension systems developed in-house at the Fraunhofer IPT complement the commercially available technologies by providing new ways of producing homogeneous structures with sub-micrometer accuracy and enormous geometrical diversity.  

The Fraunhofer IPT: Your partner in the manufacture of precision parts

The Fraunhofer IPT combines decades of experience in ultra-precision machining of metals and plastics, a machine shop packed with state-of-the-art equipment, the latest findings from research and the resultant technological innovations. We work closely with our clients right from the very outset when the components are being designed, to tailor process chains to the specific requirements of the task in hand and can conduct feasibility studies in addition to producing parts ranging from prototypes to small scale series.

Our services

  • Producing free-form metal and plastic optics
  • Producing ultra-precision parts for micro-technology, metrology, bio & medical technology
  • Prototype manufacturing injection molding tools and embossing drums
  • Applying structural details of less than 1 µm to large surfaces up to 1 m²
  • Feasibility studies

Our areas of expertise

Outstanding precision

The very latest developments in plant and equipment to emerge from research finding result in maximum geometrical freedom and structural details with sub-micrometer accuracy.

Large dimensions

Our wealth of experience in conjunction with state-of-the-art machinery enable us to produce ultra-precision parts exceeding 1 m² in size.

High degrees of freedom

Newly developed processes and specialized machine components offer a unique degree of freedom for the geometries of structures and surfaces.