Tooling in South Africa

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Boos, W.; Pitsch, M.; Komorek, N.; Kuhlmann, T.; Stark, M.; Rittstieg, F.

The South African tooling industry faces international market pressure induced by increasingly competitive tooling markets in emerging countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. In past decades the South African tooling industry as a whole was not able to progress as fast as its direct competitors in those emerging countries. The slow progression rate was largely caused by a difficult industrial environment and an education system that could not provide highly skilled technical employees needed for international competitiveness. A turnaround is required to ensure the country ́s manufacturing prospect. The aspired positive development of the South African tooling industry will not be enforced by comparison to other developing tooling countries. Only the comparison with leading international tooling industries, such as Germany, allows for the comprehension of best practice solutions and accelerates the progression.

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