Prototyping processes in micro and precision assembly

From conceptual design to mass series production

The development and marketing of new products generally requires the production of prototypes, both to assess industrial design decisions and to have something to show to prospective clients or developers. In the field of high-precision assembly, more even than elsewhere, feasibility and economic viability are ruling supreme. They determine whether or not production plans are green-lighted – specifically in the many cases of new products that are made possible through the use of optical technologies.

Prototyping as a contract service

The Fraunhofer IPT supports the implementation of your product strategies by performing prototyping services for optical systems. We analyze your product design under different perspectives, searching the most viable solutions for production and micro-assembly processes. In close cooperation with our network of partners, we furthermore assist our clients in their analyses of optical designs and thermal stability.

Clean rooms, measuring technology and high-precision machine tools

The Fraunhofer IPT owns a comprehensive infrastructure of labs, measuring technology, clean rooms and high-precision machine tools. This enables us to test the feasibility of high-precision micro-assembly solutions in our own clean rooms and to produce initial small series. We have many years of experience, well-honed skills and comprehensive know-how in the micro-assembly of optical systems, specifically in the use of high-precision adhesive technologies and active alignment processes.

Development of projects for industrial environments

Let our experience in special-purpose engineering help you to turn your project into an immediate success. We can provide you with support and advice through all stages of your project, from the drawing board to an industrial environment and mass series production. If you want to produce large volumes and quantities, you will be able to benefit from our cooperation with industrial partners. This way, we ensure that you will convert your research projects quickly into palpable results.

Our services

  • Feasibility studies of high-precision assembly systems
  • Assembly of pilot series
  • Provision of advice for the development of product designs that are suitable for micro-assembly processes