Active alignment for the assembly of optical systems

The direct performance of alignments through the in situ evaluation of optical function serves to reduce the number of rejects, to save costs and to guarantee the high quality of the assemblies. This is why the Fraunhofer IPT has been conducting research into active alignment processes for the past ten years, developing functionally oriented alignment strategies for the alignment of individual components during the assembly of optical systems.

Active alignment as an instrument of an integrated quality control system

Active alignment strategies are based on optical functions such as the profile of a laser beam, the fibre-coupling efficiency, the MTF of a lens in front of a camera chip or the wave front of an imaging system. The optical-function-based alignment of optical elements requires the application of high-precision micro-manipulators and of high-precision measuring technology. Complex evaluation algorithms use in situ measurements to establish regulating variables that are meant to correct the positions of the optical elements in the assembly.

We have the skills and the experience to design customized micro-manipulators with spatial movement resolutions in the nanometre range and to develop as well as to programme image-based and performance-based algorithms for active alignment procedures including all measurement equipment required for the effective operation of such a system.

From feasibility studies to turnkey adjustment units

Our range of services includes the development of suitable processes including all required feasibility studies, the implementation of data collection and algorithm management software as well as the design and construction of turnkey assembly solutions with integrated curing technology for high-precision joining tasks. Benefit from our extensive know-how and upgrade your equipment through our technology.

Our services

  • Development of automated assembly lines with integrated active alignment systems
  • Customization of the micro-manipulator technology to your specific requirements
  • Development of active, function-oriented alignment processes
  • Integration of active alignment operations into your sequence of assembly processes

Our services for high-precision assembly and micro-assembly