Use of Technology and Prototype Production

Use of technology

In the development of a technology, different stages of maturity are passed through, the so-called "Technology Readiness Levels" (TRL). While basic university research mainly addresses low levels of maturity, our services focus on the higher levels, i.e. on the transition from research to industrial application of the technology. We carry out the necessary research and development work and support you in the implementation on site.

Prototype Production of Engine Components

The highest quality demands are placed on the manufacture of rotating engine components. These apply to the manufacturing methods and "special processes", to the component geometry, the surface quality and the documentation. Prior to series production, it is often necessary to produce prototypes of the components to be manufactured. The prototypes are used for the design and test operation of engines as well as for the optimization of manufacturing processes and component quality. For companies, however, prototype production often means a considerable intervention in the ongoing production.

At the Fraunhofer IPT, we offer the production of prototypes tailored to specific requirements - starting with rotating components in integral and differential design and extending to housing and structural components. We contribute our know-how and our state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to publicly funded research projects and bilateral industrial collaborations.

The Fraunhofer IPT has various in-house facilities, such as a fully equipped metallography and metrological laboratories, which support us in our projects with high-precision measurements.

Other Services

  • Residual stress measurements (X-ray spectroscopy, borehole method, etc.)
  • Customer-specific metrological documentation of the manufactured components
  • Technology development and manufacturing process design
  • Delivery of the manufactured component as a "turn-key solution" including complete documentation and all necessary processes for quality assurance

Use of Technology

  • Research and development projects up to TRL 7
  • Support in the implementation of new technologies on site

Prototype Production BLISK

  • Titanium and nickel alloys
  • Production of highly complex geometries
  • Conventional and unconventional manufacturing processes

Prototype Production of Turbine Discs

  • Forge and powder metallurgical nickel base alloys
  • Production of fir tree and dovetail profile grooves by broaching, EDM or ECM
  • Turning machining of discs with a diameter of up to d=1000 mm

Prototype Production of Housings and Structural Components

  • Production of large components
  • Requirement specific process design
  • Implementation of novel tooling and cooling lubricant technologies