Prototype manufacturing: Processes and technologies for the production of engine components

Before newly designed engine components go into series production, their efficiency and performance must be tested on the test bench. The highest quality standards must be met not only for rig use, but also later, when it comes to actual series production. To ensure that the component geometry and surface finish meet the extremely high requirements, the appropriate manufacturing processes must be selected from the outset. Precise documentation specifications for the entire production process chain are also required.

Prototype manufacturing: The entire production chain from a single source

Fraunhofer IPT has many years of expertise in the production of rotating engine components in integral and differential design. We always consider not only the individual process step, but the entire production chain: from production planning and machining to newer processes such as electrical discharge machining (EDM) and electrochemical machining (ECM). In addition to our specialty – the production of fluidic components – our research and development work also includes the manufacture of housing components and the machining of shafts.

We supplement our portfolio with special processes such as fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI), shot peening, balancing, visual inspection and segregation etching. We ensure component quality using both optical and tactile measuring methods.

Digital production ensures the highest quality

We manufacture prototypes of engine components of the highest quality for our customers and project partners and continuously improve the manufacturing processes based on the production data obtained. To ensure efficient and rapid component production, we first simulate the process design and use our fully digitalized start-up environment. The manufactured components are suitable for immediate use as a "turnkey solution" for further testing in our customers' test environment. All manufacturing processes are subject to comprehensive quality assurance and documentation.

Our expertise at a glance

  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Individual metrological documentation of the manufactured components
  • Efficient assurance of quality requirements with state-of-the-art metrology
  • CAM programming, technology development and design of processes for series production on site at our customers' premises
  • Preparation and evaluation of metallographic micrographs for process qualification
  • Residual stress measurements (X-ray spectroscopy, borehole method, etc.)
  • Process testing and approval in our fully equipped metallography department (including measurement of residual stresses by X-ray diffraction)

Applications for prototype manufacturing

Our focus is on the fully digitized process chain for the production of highly complex geometries with the highest surface qualities. We see the special properties of high-performance materials, new tool technologies and special customer requirements as an exciting challenge!

Blade Integrated Disk (BLISK)

  • Machining of titanium and nickel alloys
  • Production of highly complex geometries
  • Conventional and non-conventional manufacturing processes

Turbine disks

  • Machining of forged and powder metallurgical nickel-based alloys
  • Broaching or EDM of fir tree and dovetail profile grooves
  • Turning with diameters up to 1000 mm
  • Manufacturing of critical features according to customer specifications

Housing and structural components

  • Manufacturing of large components
  • Process design according to exact customer requirements
  • Implementation of new tool and cooling lubrication technologies