Modern high-performance machining in the digital age

Fraunhofer IPT develops technologies and application-oriented solutions for machining along the entire process chain – from process design and real-time data acquisition during production to consulting and prototype production. We handle research and development projects comprehensively and purposefully with technological knowledge, system expertise and our modern machinery; in doing so, we use the possibilities of digitization to deepen process understanding and ensure competitiveness.

Our topics are in particular simultaneous multi-axis milling and the turning of geometrically demanding components made of superalloys, high-hardness steels, lightweight and composite materials as well as special materials. Typical applications come from turbomachinery, aircraft and tool making as well as medical technology.

Our competencies around digitalized high-performance machining


Digital twin

  • Machine and sensor data acquisition
  • Model-based interpretations of component condition
  • Visualization of process and quality data

Artificial intelligence

  • Big Data-Management
  • Data analysis using artificial neural networks (deep learning)
  • Process understanding through machine learning

Process design

  • Machining fundamentals and modeling
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Process simulation and optimization

Technology deployment and prototyping

  • Technological on-site analysis
  • Machine and manufacturing concepts
  • Prototype production and project documentation

Evolutionary process and product optimization

  • Utilization of evolutionary biological mechanisms in machining
  • Targeted exploration of large solution spaces

Our view of the "aviation" industry

The Fraunhofer IPT is taking on the challenge of the "first-part-right" strategy to produce blisk prototypes with the very highest quality standards.