Our remit: to reflect on entire processes

On behalf of our clients, we develop and optimize solutions for modern production facilities. Rather than considering production activities as individual operations, our work involves looking at all production processes and the links between all the elements of the overall process in their entirety:

Client processes

Client prozesses

When we analyze your processes, we take in everything from research and development through the acquisition of raw material and services to the final production stages. At the same time, we keep an eye on all the relevant business and management processes.

Research and development

Right at the early phases of product emergence - the research and development phase - we can use our expertise to help you identify new technologies, create concepts and develop prototypes. We place a great deal of importance on getting your equipment, material and processes to perform optimally, giving your products the best chances of competing in the market.


Whatever you cannot make yourself, you buy in from your suppliers. You need to be able to rely on suppliers to provide top quality goods and services at reasonable prices, so we take a close look at your supply base and the services it provides. We structure the purchasing market for you, help you to choose the right partners and develop individual courses of action using tried-and-tested methods in order to optimize your purchasing costs.


The Fraunhofer IPT is seen by its clients as an experienced partner for all issues related to production - and not without good reason. Whether we are determining your status quo, analyzing your production concept, selecting technology, designing a system, or developing, optimizing and implementing processes, you can rely on our motivated team of experts representing different disciplines and many years of expertise. We never look at concepts, technologies and systems in isolation, but see them within the context of your industrial practice.


In some situations, it becomes necessary to critically review one’s fundamental management processes, the technology strategy or the strategic and operative management as a whole. We analyze your structures and processes at all phases of research and development, purchasing and production and help you to develop a new, more promising approach without abandoning best practices. We consider it particularly important that your employees stand firmly behind any changes, especially in sensitive areas.