Shopfloor tour

Technologically well positioned all around: A 360-degree tour of our machine shops and laboratories

Our visitors to the Fraunhofer IPT are always impressed by our machine halls and laboratories with their technologically outstanding equipment.

To give our digital guests a first impression of what they can expect at the institute, we have recorded our halls and laboratories almost completely digitally for AWK'21, our major production technology conference and exhibition, and are now presenting them on our website in a 360-degree view.

Take a few minutes of your time: Those who have already worked with the well-known Street View applications or are familiar with computer games in 3D view will also find their way around our virtual tour quickly and intuitively. All others will find a short tutorial under the tours.

Hall tour Technical Center A

Hall tour Technical Center C

Tour of the halls and laboratories of the Fraunhofer IPT – how it works!

Our virtual hall tours start automatically. If you move the mouse while holding down the left mouse button, the image pans. This gives you a panoramic view of your current virtual location.

You can only move in predefined steps, because the 360° view consists of many individual images. Everywhere you see a pale circle on the ground is the next shot. By clicking on a nearby circle, you "go" there and can look around again or click on another view.

In the shots of the two halls you will find dark green circles again and again. Behind them you can find further information about the respective view. Click on a circle and follow the displayed link!

In the lower left corner you will find several icons, with the help of which you can get an overview of the whole hall and quickly jump to a more distant location in the hall. At the bottom right you can switch to a full screen mode.