Spin-Offs of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH

The Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing aims to enable manufacturers of any size to integrate additive manufacturing techniques profitably into their production processes. The ACAM community welcomes industrial partners and offers them a wide range of services from project development to staff training, feasibility studies, business consultancy and access to information about the latest technologies.

Aixemtec GmbH

Aixemtec was established in November 2016 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IPT. The company holds a license from the Fraunhofer IPT for high-end assembly solutions, combining the technological know-how of the Fraunhofer IPT in the field of optical system assembly with a customer-oriented service concept. Its business model allows Aixemtec to provide its customers with customized and sophisticated high-tech assembly solutions for their manufacturing requirements.

Aixtooling GmbH

Aixtooling GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off company of the Fraunhofer IPT, with the vision of establishing precision molding of optical glass as a standard technology for the optical industry in Europe. The company has extensive competencies in every significant component of the process chain for the replicative fabrication of precision glass optics. The core competencies of Aixtooling GmbH are mold design, process layout, and the fabrication of ultra-precision molding systems.

Invention Center

The Invention Center is located on the campus of RWTH Aachen University and offers its partners access to technology and  opportunities of acquiring additional innovation management qualifications while also providing optimized solutions for technological challenges. In close coordination with the TIME Research Area, the Fraunhofer IPT, the WZL and KEX Knowledge Exchange AG, the Center provides a technology expertise that allows executives who are planning the future of their manufacturing businesses to acquire a deeper understanding of the process from the original product idea via the drawing board to the large series production in an industrial environment.

Innoclamp GmbH

Innoclamp GmbH was established in 2015 in Aachen and is specialized in the development and construction of automatic clamping systems for the high-precision arrangement of complex free-formed workpieces in machine tools and their low-vibration fixation. Innoclamp designs serial products as well as unique clamping and automation solutions that have been customized to meet the production requirements of individual customers.

Innolite GmbH

Innolite GmbH was founded in August 2008 as a Fraunhofer IPT spin off. Their core business has since been the ultra-precision mold-making for the replication of plastic optics as well as the direct manufacturing of metal optics. In 2009, the first successful projects in the field of plastic injection compression molding were completed. A decisive contribution to our customers was first made possible thanks to the close cooperation with our partners Arburg and the Institute of Plastics Processing IKV of the RWTH Aachen University.

KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

The KEX Konwledge Exchange AG is a professional information provider for technology and market information, founded in 2013. Intelligent knowledge management systems, complete accessibility to exclusive sources of information and a unique network of experts allow effective scanning, scouting and monitoring of technologies and markets. By means of a demand-specific compilation and assessment of information, the KEX is best placed to support a wide range of business decisions.


MABRI.VISION GmbH is a start-up company that develops non-destructive optical measurement technologies for plastic and glass products. The company designs and manufactures measuring equipment for the off-line and in-line-quality assessment of transparent and semi-transparent materials, specifically focusing on the detection of barrier layers in injection-molded or extruded products. The technology is based on optical coherence tomography and enables the non-destructive optical imaging of cross sections.

oculavis GmbH

oculavis GmbH was founded in 2016 and offers the award-winning software platform oculavis SHARE, which brings visual assistance and augmented reality workflows to service and support processes in mechanical and plant engineering. Headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with locations in Chicago (US) and Shanghai (China), the company empowers over 200 customers worldwide to save costs, shorten response times, and establish digital business models in after sales service.

polyscale GmbH & Co. KG

polyscale develops, manufactures and distributes micro-structured components with optical features. A complex production process allows new properties of structured surfaces, opening various fields of applications. polyscale concentrates on LEDdriven technologies to develop and manufacture light guide plates. polyscale’s light guide solutions provide customized products for various industries to meet the highest possible standards of performance, efficiency and individuality.

son-x GmbH

son-x GmbH was founded in the summer of 2011 in Aachen, Germany, as a spin-off company of the Fraunhofer IPT that offers tooling systems for ultrasonic-assisted ultra-precision machining. By means of this technology, son-x enables direct machining of hardened steel and other materials with single-crystal diamond tools in an optical quality. Through the long-term experience of son-x’s employees in the field of ultra-precision machining and optics manufacturing, a strong basis of know-how could be established.

WBA – Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH

The WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH concentrates the competencies of the Fraunhofer IPT and the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL of the RWTH Aachen University for tool, mold, and die making companies. The WBA was founded in 2010 and owns a tool shop for demonstration purposes. The corporation offers continuing education programs as well as a master’s program in collaboration with the RWTH Aachen University. In the partnership model of the WBA, small and medium sized companies are able to work on research projects that have a practical orientation. Besides, the WBA answers technological and organizational questions of companies of the industry.