Process technology

In the area of Process technology, we develop new production processes for your applications and optimize those already existing: from process analyses of the conceptual development and consultation up to the practical realization, we create integrated solutions for your business.

Fine Machining and Optics

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The "Fine Machining and Optics" department develops technologies for manufacturing and machining precision components. These include optics, precision tools and wafers for the semi-conductor sector. Our technology development is driven by a thorough understanding of the underlying principles. In responding to specific questions, we transfer our expertise to industrial practice, using the very latest machines and software solutions. Our technology portfolio encompasses ultra-precision grinding and polishing, diamond machining as well as precision glass molding.

High performance cutting

The “High performance cutting” department provides practical manufacturing solutions for components used in the production of turbo machines, aircraft and tools. The focus is on simultaneous multi-axis milling and the turning of geometrically complex components made from super alloys, highly strengthened steels and lightweight and composite materials. An extensive understanding of technology, strong systems competencies and a unique machine pool provide the basis for carrying out R&D projects in a comprehensive and targeted way – from the development and optimization of processes to technological advice and prototype production.

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Non-conventional Manufacturing Processes

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In our “Non-conventional manufacturing processes and technology integration” department, we develop and qualify processes that make it possible to make efficient use of laser tools in the value creation process. We develop laser joining technologies for the manufacture of geometrically complex metal products and transfer these to industrial manufacturing situations. We use laser structuring to produce highly precise 3D structures for tribology and mold-making. We build prototypical processing plant for flexible shape structuring. We also develop hybrid processing technologies in which process integration makes it possible to process components with complex forms from materials that are difficult to machine – without the need to re-clamp.

In addition to techniques that enable the automated repair of tools and components and the application of anti-wear coatings, we also develop additive production technologies for metallic and ceramic tools as well as products with extremely high levels of geometric flexibility.