Production quality and metrology

The highest possible levels of quality, resulting in correspondingly high levels of efficiency of structure and workflow organization – this is, in the view of the Fraunhofer IPT, the key to competitiveness and innovative strength. The aim of the Fraunhofer IPT is to support its customers by implementing excellent results of applied research for a head start. We design and industrialize processes through effective measuring technology and an entrepreneurial understanding of quality.

Production quality

The competitiveness of manufacturing companies fundamentally depends on faultless as well as efficient production processes. Consistent digitalization and cross-linking of production data and maximal resource efficiency play an important role in the era of "Industry 4.0" in a sense of a cross-linked, highly adaptive production. Here it is very important to know and apply appropriate methods, software tools and technologies. Practical experience and well-founded methods form the basis of qualified and comprehensive consulting concerning  the organization and quality assurance of your productions.

Production metrology


The department "Production metrology" of the Fraunhofer IPT dedicates its attention to all issues of production-related metrology and all quality management tasks of manufacturing companies that involve inspections and measuring, developing solutions for high-tech industries such as automotive manufacturers and companies in engineering, the aerospace industry, medical technology and biotechnology. For these purposes, a comprehensive range of sophisticated measuring equipment has been made available to the working group which is not only used for the provision of measuring services but also optimized and developed in close coordination with our partners and technology suppliers.