Automated production lines for high-precision assembly and micro-assembly processes

Assembly processes of micro-systems that meet the requirements of a mass production environment must feature automated handling and component alignment functions. Based on many years of experience in the development and application of scaled-up technology solutions for customers in the manufacturing industry, the Fraunhofer IPT is capable of adapting existing micro-assembly components as well as self-developed concepts to design efficient solutions for automated assembly lines.

Automated assembly facilities for medium-sized and large production volumes

We design customized production facilities for medium-sized and large quantities of various miniaturized laser systems, cameras and optical sensors, providing technologies, components and turnkey solutions for high-precision automated micro-assembly processes. The Fraunhofer IPT technologies are distributed through our business partners.

Modular construction kit for high-precision assembly and micro-assembly processes

For the automation of the assembly process, we are using a modular micro-assembly platform that features standard modules and software elements and enables sensor-based process management and networking operations within an Industrie 4.0 environment. Standard modules such as the C6 micro-manipulator plus expandable user interfaces allows us to construct customized yet cost-effective assembly facilities.

On request, we can subject plans of automating existing assembly systems to feasibility checks and develop any components or industrial processes that may be required. In close cooperation with our research and distribution partners, we create sustainable, high-quality service solutions that meet all requirements of equipment safety, radiation protection and CE certification.

Our services

  • Completion of feasibility studies
  • Assembly of pilot series
  • Design and implementation of automated assembly solutions
  • Support for processes of determining specifications
  • Assessing tendered bids and quotes that were submitted by external providers

What we can offer to assist you
in the automation of your assembly system

Feasibility studies

How long does it take the adhesive to cure? How much volumetric shrinkage of the adhesive does my system tolerate? How much contact pressure do I require for the assembly of my components? We are constantly seeking for answers to our customers’ questions in our search for the best possible automated assembly solution.

Assembly of pilot series

High-performance micro-systems require engineers with top levels of skills in high-precision packaging technology. We provide our customers with a sophisticated infrastructure and many years of experience in the development of micro-assembly solutions. Many prototypes have already emerged from the Fraunhofer IPT’s clean rooms.

Transfer to mass series production

Our cooperation partners can offer assembly service of small and medium-sized series until it makes economic sense for you to operate your own production system. The close coordination between us and our clients allows them to manage a smooth transition to mass series production processes.

Customized assembly solutions

You cannot find appropriate assembly solutions for your product on the market? We love technological challenges and can put you in contact with the right experts within our network who are ready to assist you in the construction of a prototype.

Advice in technical
specification matters

Design for Assembly, Design for Costs, Design for Manufacturing … It is not always easy to work out a way through the labyrinth of options. We adopt an integrated view of the product, the process and the production system, developing suitable production solutions with high levels of efficiency.

Industrial working group

We work in collaboration with our partners to identify market requirements and seek answers to research questions – join the industrial working group and profit from the expertise and know-how concentrated within industry and research.

Our services for high-precision assembly and micro-assembly