Precision technology and plastic replication


The work areas of the "precision technology and plastic replication" department covers all development tasks in special purpose machines and plant development - starting from individual machine concept planning and the design and optimization of critical components, through to control-related implementation of complex regulation systems. We take your individual machine requirements into account and implement your ideas precisely and resource-efficiently.

Another field of activity undertaken by department is the development of ultra-precision assembly solutions for optical systems such as laser or camera applications. We realize assembly systems orientated towards requirements for passive and active precision adjustment and with robust joining and logistics concepts.


Development of specialist machines and plant

On behalf of our clients, we carry out feasibility studies on new production processes, machines and plant and on those that have already been developed further. We do this by analyzing existing manufacturing processes and developing improvements and alternatives. In the case of new developments, we can provide solutions at whatever level of detail our clients require – from the basic concept to detailed 3D designs with working plans. We can plan processes, provide the entire mechanical and electrical design of machines and plant as well as commission control and process technology. Our services in the field of specialist machines and plant are rounded off with CE certification for the developed plant.

Machine characterization

On behalf of our clients, we identify the static and dynamic errors in their machine systems and analyze the thermal stability of their manufacturing equipment. With our wide variety of measuring system equipment, we can select the right system for machines of any size and for all levels of precision. We identify the geometrical errors in spindle systems and multi-axis systems, and characterize and optimize these systems for our clients, matching all system components to each other.

Sensor integration and signal evaluation

With the help of our latest and most precise measuring techniques, we quantify our clients’ machining processes. Using the measured data, we then analyze our clients’ processes and identify ways of optimizing them and improving their efficiency. We develop customized measuring systems and integrate these into existing machine systems in order to monitor ultra-precision and specialist machine processes. With the help of modified evaluation algorithms, our clients can utilize the latest sensor technologies in their production facilities.

Precision assembly and automation technology

The focus of the work here is on the automated assembly of complex mechatronic products used in optics, micro systems technology and medical technology. Our range of competencies and technology can be applied to all the stages of automation. We analyze each step of the assembly, develop assembly and adjustment strategies and carry out assembly trials and parameter studies in order to assess the technical feasibility, and can even build prototype assembly plant.

The Fraunhofer IPT has a comprehensive range of services that it offers industrial companies involved in micro and precision assembly - from consultancy and plant design support to process investigations and the development of specific components, and ultimately to the construction and commissioning of assembly systems that have been modified to meet clients’ requirements.

Replication of ultra-precise plastic components

The replication of plastic components via injection molding, injection compression molding and hot stamping processes is an economic means of manufacturing ultra-precise optics and micro-structured plastic formed parts. The Fraunhofer IPT helps its clients with the design of plastic components that are suitable for production, with the manufacture of the mold inserts and with the production of small series. Extensive knowledge about processes and plant technology as well as the development of our own tooling technology means that we can guarantee high levels of component quality and dimensional accuracy in the micrometer range.

Ultra-precision cutting

Ultra-precision cutting with monocrystalline diamond tools is a key technology for the manufacture of high precision optical surfaces. The high quality of diamond tools combined with ultra-precision machines and climate control technology makes it possible to manufacture workpieces with optical surface quality and structural details with sub-micrometer accuracy. Decades of expertise in the cutting of metals and plastics enable the Fraunhofer IPT to provide extensive advise to its clients, to carry out feasibility studies and manufacture prototypes and small series.

Biotechnology and medical technology

On the issues of biotechnology and medical technology, we work on the development and manufacture of bio-functional surfaces, bio-compatible process automation for cell and plant culture and the development of minimally invasive surgical instruments.

We provide our cell culture services across the whole range of processes - from structural development to the manufacture of surface structures in the micrometer and sub-micrometer range, the manufacture of replication tools for substrate molding to the manufacture of small series for cell biology investigations.

The greatest potential for cost-effective, high quality production processes is achieved through the advancement of product and manufacturing technologies and through process automation. We can help you with this in many ways - from a simple review and advice to the development of entire plant for the automation of highly specific biotechnology and medical technology manufacturing processes. This includes product manufacture and conventional laboratory processes, which are often characterized by a large amount of manual operations.