Integration of laser modules in production processes and machines

Fast and precise cutting, hardening, welding, structuring or marking

Fraunhofer IPT specializes in using industrially available laser technology and adapting it individually for existing production lines and processes. The laser systems are integrated into the production chains in terms of design and control technology and the processes are optimized according to the customer's requirements. The individual process design allows companies to flexibly design production and quickly and easily change over for different product variants. In order for laser systems to be used optimally and profitably in manufacturing companies, an in-depth understanding of processes and technology is required, as demonstrated by Fraunhofer IPT.

The laser beam as a tool

The integration of a laser module into existing manufacturing processes makes sense if the workpiece is to be processed locally, at a defined point. We also use laser technology for the processing of high-performance materials. High-performance materials such as hard metals or fiber-reinforced plastics can be processed with virtually no tool wear.

Our services at a glance

  • Development of integration solutions and customized laser modules according to laser class 1
  • Process design, process development and process investigation
  • Feasibility analysis and profitability assessment of laser processes
  • Advice on the selection of laser systems
  • Development of laser protection concepts
  • Knowledge documentation and employee training

More power through new laser modules in conventional production systems

Laser modules can significantly upgrade existing manufacturing plants, expand their range of applications and make processes more efficient. We integrate such modules individually into existing systems so that products keep pace with increasing customer requirements and even older systems can be used longer.

Hybrid machines and laser modules

Complex workpieces that are normally manufactured in long process chains with clamping devices benefit from hybrid systems with laser support.

Fields of application for the laser as a tool

Interchangeable laser beam tools combined with existing processes improve productivity for a wide range of products – even for small batch sizes.

Laser support for geothermal drilling

In a research project, the Fraunhofer IPT has integrated a laser module into a drill head that can significantly reduce the costs of drilling at great depths.