Technology modules for platforms

Technology modules combine process knowledge and process design. In the form of CAM modules, they quickly and efficiently provide programs for part and product manufacturing within the tool path and process planning phase. Through graphic interfaces and the integration into CAD environments, CAM modules allow the customized design of application-oriented processes. By combining and linking CAM modules, it is even possible to represent entire process chains, guaranteeing maximum levels of data consistency throughout the processing operation.

The Fraunhofer IPT is developing CAM solutions for a wide range of individual technologies, processes and production facilities in industry and research, for example designing modules with new functions for the use of wire-based laser metal deposition in additive manufacturing processes or for the functionalization of surfaces by laser structuring. We are also developing CAM modules for highly innovative processing functions such as the 5-axis water jet material ablation technology. We have already started also with the design of customized CAM solutions that will be capable of controlling complex robot-based multi-technology centers for several (non-)conventional manufacturing technologies.

Our Services

  • Development and implementation of individual CAM modules, according to your specific requirements and existing production machinery
  • Process design through our CAM modules
  • Customized analyses to identify the potential of new CAM solutions
  • Market analyses of CAM solutions for non-conventional manufacturing technologies or process chains

Typical applications in industrial production

Wire-based laser metal deposition in combination with milling or laser ablation processes

When using the wire-based laser metal deposition technology for the additive realization of geometries, we subject material to achieve the geometrical features in intermediate stages to milling or laser ablation processes. We are using our CAM module to design these complex process chains.

Water jet material ablation in combination with milling processes

The combination of water jet-based and milling processes can reach new levels of efficiency, but the high dynamic forces unleashed in this process can create challenging problems. This is why we first simulate the dynamics through our technology modules, giving us the opportunity of optimizing the tool paths.

Robot-based multi-technology platforms

In the future, robot cells will control complex process chains for the processing of large tools. For this purpose, we are interlinking individual technology modules, achieving data consistency and high product quality throughout.