Fraunhofer TALENTA – Career program for female scientists

Attracting more women into applied research is a key objective of Fraunhofer. With our comprehensive support and development program »Fraunhofer TALENTA« for female scientists and female managers, we are working successfully to achieve this goal.
Regardless of whether you have just entered research practice, have already gained relevant professional experience or are already leading a team, it is worth taking a closer look at our program if you want to give your career additional dynamism.

Start of career: Fraunhofer TALENTA start

TALENTA start is the program for all female university graduates who want to enter applied research and start their career with Fraunhofer. The aim is to support female candidates at the start of their careers at Fraunhofer by providing suitable qualification opportunities and exchanges with other female scientists, and to give them the necessary freedom to plan their doctorate and further professional development through the so-called »career time«.

Career acceleration: Fraunhofer TALENTA speed up

TALENTA speed up is designed for female scientists both within Fraunhofer and beyond, who already have professional experience and would like to take on responsibility in a management or specialist position. They can take advantage of specific offers to further qualify themselves and thus accelerate their careers. On the one hand, the female scientists receive »career time«, for example to build up their research group and to focus on topics for their leadership or specialist career. On the other hand, they can further develop their leadership skills through various mentoring, qualification and networking formats and expand their own Fraunhofer network.

Career perfection: Fraunhofer TALENTA excellence

TALENTA excellence is aimed at women who want to combine a senior management position at Fraunhofer with scientific excellence. Through »research time« within the framework of TALENTA and tailored mentoring, qualification and networking formats, participants can strategically advance their careers. The primary goal of the program is to provide targeted support for female scientists who aspire to a professorship in the long term by means of development planning and the promotion of career-related measures on their path to a professorship.

Who can apply?

Fraunhofer TALENTA focuses on STEM subjects, especially engineering and technical subject groups. If you discover an interesting vacancy at the Fraunhofer IPT, you are welcome to apply referring to TALENTA.