Lightweight Production Technology

Innovative technologies for the challenges of the future

The use of lightweight materials offers a great many advantages. Apart from the saving of weight and the gain in strength, these include, for example, chemical resistance in the case of components made from fiber-reinforced plastics and special electromagnetic characteristics, making them interesting for a broad range of electrical or medical applications. Fraunhofer IPT’s business unit ‘Lightweight production technology’ supports companies in the mass production of lightweight products and thus in the economic production of efficient, more environmentally friendly products that are affordable for the end customer. For this purpose we develop and plan innovative manufacturing systems and technologies for such diverse industries as the automotive industry, aerospace, energy and medical technology or consumer goods industry.

In order to achieve the economic mass production of large quantities for lightweight construction too, we bundle our long lasting experience in production processes, manufacturing methods, measuring systems and process automation as well as technology and quality management with our broadly diversified knowledge of techniques for the processing and machining of fiber-reinforced plastics and metals. Beyond that we offer our customers interdisciplinary solutions through integration in proven research networks such as the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production AZL. In this way we secure decisive advantages for our customers and partners in production.