Online-Seminar  /  February 04, 2021, 4-5 pm (CET)

Active Alignment of optical components using wavefront measurement

Beyond the quality of single optical components, the quality of optical systems is significantly influenced by the assembly of all system components. Advances in the manufacturing technologies of sophisticated optical surfaces can only be harnessed in the complete system if the manufactured component is located in the right position considering that even slight imperfections within the alignment process of one component can lead to significant lower optical capabilities of the entire optical system. In that sense, the alignment process has crucial importance for the quality of optical systems.

Recent passive and active alignment technologies do not meet the alignment requirements of individual system components. The disadvantages besides the difficult handling of aspherical components is that the alignment of the free-form optics is not possible at all. Moreover, the alignment processes are mostly step-by-step and iterative so that an optimal exploitation of the full range of alignment combinations and/or solutions is not achievable and the whole process is inefficient.

Fraunhofer IPT is a pioneer in the development of systems for the active alignment of optical components based on wavefront measurements, which through the integration of state-of-the-art technology, optical simulations and the development of efficient algorithms allow the simultaneous alignment of various components in an optical system resulting in a maximized performance through one or very few measurements by a highly efficient and automated process.

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