AWK'23 – Digital conference proceedings

Empower Green Production

"Empower Green Production" is the guiding theme of the 31st AWK, which will point the way to a value-adding circular economy in four parallel lecture series with a total of twelve technical and keynote lectures as well as eight plenary lectures from science and practice from May 11 to 12, 2023.

This conference proceedings uses numerous concrete examples from current industrial and research projects to describe which technologies and strategies will promote this transformation, how companies can select their individual tools for the change from the wealth of methods available, and which challenges applied production research can specifically support. The four central thematic blocks of the AWK include contributions on high-performance and resilient data infrastructures, on modelling and analyses with the aim of more resource-efficient manufacturing, on scenarios and business models for sustainable value creation, and on technologies and processes for a value-adding circular economy.

This book summarizes the contents of the lectures, makes it avaccessible and intends to inspire the scientific community and the interested specialist audience in the form of an open access publication. Its individual contributions were compiled and elaborated by the staff of the WZL | RWTH Aachen University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT together with re-nowned experts and speakers from industry, economy, science and politics.

The articles

Ensuring the future viability of manufacturing companies against the backdrop of growing global challenges posed by climate change and the associated political and economic measures is the goal of the 31st AWK, the international Aachen Conference for Production Technology. The guiding theme of this year's AWK – Empower Green Production – re-presents the joint efforts of science and industry to achieve the urgently needed transformation towards green production.

Session 1

Data structures for resilience

With articles on the topics

  • Data Structures for Resilience in Life Cycle Sustainability
  • Closing the Loop with Adaptive Automated Disassembly
  • New Modularity and Technology Roadmapping

Session 2

Resource efficient manufacturing

With articles on the topics

  • Manufacturing for a Circular Economy
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency in Manufacturing
  • Scalable Production of Energy Storage Systems

Session 3


With articles on the topics

  • Challenges of Sustainable Production Lines
  • Sustainable Production-as-a-Service
  • Quantification of Sustainability Impact

Session 4

Circular production economy

With articles on the topics

  • Framework for Circular Production Economy
  • Green Re-Assembly Upgrade Factory
  • New Quality Paradigm for Sustainable Production