Digital twins in a digital environment: foundation for the evolution of manufacturing

In order to be able to transfer biological principles of evolution and self-adaptation of organisms to production systems, digitization plays a key role in the EVOLOPRO lead project.

In the EVOLOPRO research project, digital twins are being developed on the one hand as a comprehensive digital representation of the component and the manufacturing environment, and on the other hand a digital environment as a virtual value chain of the component.

Digital twin

To create a digital twin, a platform based on the data lake architecture is developed. On this platform, all required data is stored, analyzed, linked and enriched by metadata. The platform supports the project partners in exchanging information across institutes in an automated way and in complementing existing digital infrastructures. It is continuously being developed and enhanced with new features that are required in the Aviation, Optics and Automotive pilot chains.

Digital environment (evolution environment)

The digital environment is the counterpart to the digital twin. It is the (software) environment in which digital twins are developed and transformed. In software development, the term development environment has become established. In the EVOLOPRO project, the concept of the development environment is transferred to the development of digital twins.

In this context, the mapping of requirements and derived evaluations of digital twins plays a special role in order to ultimately implement iterative development loops that allow the digital twins (and thus the real counterparts) to be adapted when requirements change.