Benchmarking: learning from the best

Benchmarkings are systematic comparisons between companies or processes that show and document performance on the basis of clear key figures.

Fraunhofer IPT has been conducting benchmarking projects with companies for many years in order to identify strategic or organizational success factors and successful practices. The companies can participate in the selection of the object of investigation and the research questions as well as in the surveys to compare the performance.

By conducting such projects on numerous industrial issues, Fraunhofer IPT not only has extensive experience in conducting highly standardized benchmarking projects, but also a very comprehensive database on the best practices of various industries, company divisions and application fields of technologies.

In combination with technological knowledge from almost all areas of production, we then work with the consortium partners of our benchmarkings or in bilateral projects to develop individual solutions for their technology applications, new business models, organizational structures or strategic approaches for the further development of the company portfolio.


More knowledge through comparison

We carry out benchmarking comparisons of companies across industries or within an industry and see what can be transferred between industries and companies. But technologies can also be examined and compared in terms of their efficiency and sustainability within process chains. Hereby you can find out whether the use of new manufacturing processes is worthwhile, to replace existing technologies with more efficient ones – or to retain them: in the secure knowledge of where you currently stand, so that you can develop in a targeted manner.


Measuring sustainability

We support you in effectively and efficiently managing the sustainable transformation of your value creation and product portfolio.

Consortium Benchmarking

As part of the consortium, you will work with us to develop research questions for which we will gather information and work with you to identify Successful Practices on many topics.

Benchmarking in toolmaking

With our company database from more than 20 years of benchmarking in toolmaking, we can methodically assess exactly where you stand in the competition. 


Additive manufacturing on the test bench

We check whether additive processes can be integrated into your process chains.