Organizational and Technology Benchmarking in Tool Manufacturing

Our tooling database with data sets from all over the world enables us to perform comprehensive technology benchmarking services for tooling companies. It is our standard practice to involve the companies themselves in this analytic process: we start by compiling data on corporate structures and technologies and then complement our knowledge by conducting in situ inspections. Typically, we gather and subsequently analyze data about the product range and the technological configuration as well as the performance of the design, work preparation and production departments before deriving Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from our assessments. Based on these KPIs, the company in question is then compared with other companies within the same industry based on reference data from our database. Our analysis takes account of all organizational as well as technological stages within the generic tool manufacturing process chain. The establishment of reference groups provides the basis for comparisons within the wider industry. All companies receive a detailed analysis that highlights their strengths as well as opportunities for further improvements.

Our Services

  • Detailed and integrated benchmark-based analysis of your tool manufacturing operation
  • In situ audit performed by a team of tool manufacturing experts
  • Status quo analysis to compare the company in question with its competitors based on individualized reference groups
  • Derivation and prioritization of technological and structural recommendations

Tool manufacturing database

Our globally unique database of tool manufacturing parameters features about more than 1000 tooling companies

Individualized reference groups

The tool manufacturing database contains a large number of data sets and represents the widest possible range of products. All comparisons between individual companies are customized and anonymized (through labels as, for example, "erman injection moulding company with approx. 50 employees").

Recommended measures

Based on an analysis of more than 100 technological and structural benchmarks, we identify potentials for further improvement and provide you with suggestions of how to realize these potentials as well as possible optimization strategies and best practice examples.