IT security in production

Manufacturing and supply processes without organizational breaks are an important factor for the success of manufacturing companies. Cross-company value chains can help to become more efficient and flexible when working together. However, the transformation of previously analog systems to cyber-physical systems also creates broader areas of attack in the area of IT security and might lead to security gaps. These gaps still prevent many companies from digitizing and networking their production.

IT security in production is more than secure production IT

The scope of security refers not only to the existing production IT, but to all objects of the system environment and to the communication interfaces to customers and suppliers. IT weaknesses at individual companies can have a dramatic effect on all partners, because company networks are the daily target of cyber-attacks. IT security in the entire value chain is a critical basis for success.

Exploiting potential of IT security

In addition to averting dangers, well-secured IT systems can also have a positive effect on the added value of production: secure communication between machines or with suppliers can lead to a higher efficiency and better planning and thus reduce storage space and improve product quality. Strategic investments in holistic IT security concepts are essential here. IT security serves here on a large scale as a "networking enabler".

Our range of services

  • Assessment of the IT security level of companies and analysis of potentials and risks of IT security for their production
  • Identification of safety critical information and data flows
  • Tailored IT concepts
  • Excitement workshop "IT security for production companies"

Tailored IT security conzepts

The research project "ESPRI" aims at developing software that continuously monitors the internal data flow of a company and creates needs-based IT security concepts for SMEs.

I4.0 Digitalization and Security Roadmapping

The "Industry 4.0 Digitalization and Security Roadmapping" was developed together with Fraunhofer SIT to support companies in digitization and cybersecurity.