Artificial intelligence in production

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, offers approaches and methods that can sustainably improve production – by reducing costs, increasing quality, and gaining flexibility and resilience for the entire company. Machine learning methods can also help to sustainably optimize processes.

Manufacturing companies are already implementing more and more pilot applications of artificial intelligence. Its importance for production is steadily increasing: according to a study by the management consultancy "Accenture", 84 percent of all executives believe that they will not achieve their growth targets if they do not implement AI across the board in the company. For this reason, Fraunhofer IPT developed a portfolio of services some time ago that has already been successfully tested and deployed in manufacturing companies of various sizes.

Fraunhofer IPT selects suitable AI use cases across industries and implements them in the production environment. Building up expertise and supporting data science teams in the company are also among the possibilities for collaboration around the topic of AI. Our many years of collaboration with experienced software developers in daily project work form a solid foundation for this.

Decision support: AI application, machine learning and big data

If you want to find out whether your applications can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence, good information is the key: Which applications already exist? Which algo-rithms can be adapted to your tasks? And how do you train the AI so that it outputs the right results? We know the application areas and solution approaches you can work with.


IQP – Your software solution for AI and machine learning in industrial applications

The IQP is a comprehensive software for deploying, monitoring and optimizing industrial AI and Machine Learning applications. Through standardized integration and parallel operation of different ML applications, the IQP increases efficiency and profitability in production. Learn more about the IQP and the use cases that have already been implemented.


Where is artificial intelligence worthwhile?

Medium-sized companies in particular are often faced with the question of whether the investment is worthwhile. With the "AI Kick-Starter Bundle" we support your decision.


Optimize processes with AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning help to improve processes. We show you suitable models, systems and architectures for process optimization.



Training data sets for machine learning

For those who want to gain experience with AI and machine learning, we have compiled a list of data and algorithms that you can use for free.


Trustworthy industrial AI

AI experts have designed a framework and procedure model for the development of trustworthy industrial AI applications that is specifically tailored to the challenges of production technology.

Exemplary: artificial intelligence in production

Our scientists are working together with partners from industry and research in numerous projects on the use of artificial intelligence in production environments. Experience shows that the range of possible application fields is extremely broad and that the use of AI can provide benefits in many areas. We have compiled a few examples here.


Into space with artificial intelligence

Together with the Ariane Group, we have investigated in the "SPOK" project how AI and suitable sensor technology can be used to continuously improve the production of the upper stage of the launcher.

Fighting cancer with artificial intelligence

In the AIDPATH research project, we are working with partners to develop AI-supported automated production for individual cell therapies in the modern hospital.

Efficiently produce 3D prints through AI

How can automated data sources and data types for plastic 3D printing be linked and prepared to improve printing processes and reduce manufacturing costs?


Artificial intelligence in optics assembly

The automated assembly of high-precision optics is a complex task that benefits from the targeted use of artificial intelligence.

Objective visual inspection in series production

In the research project "KOMBI" we design tools for objective quality assurance by using smart devices and machine learning.


Intelligently characterize machines

AI models can help detect and remedy machine faults caused by wear or changed environmental conditions more quickly.

Artificial intelligence for medium-sized businesses

Together with the Fraunhofer Big Data Alliance, we prepare manufacturing companies for the introduction of AI systems.