Application-oriented technology scouting

Recognizing technology potential at an early stage

Digital technologies such as augmented reality, cloud connections or other digital services are increasingly influencing customers' decisions for or against a provider.

At the same time, digital technologies are a key prerequisite for success for manufacturing companies in automated production. Growing data volumes and their analysis enable more flexible and efficient design of manufacturing processes and increasing automation. It is therefore essential to recognize technology potential at an early stage.

We can precisely assist you

Within the scope of technology scouting, the results of the directed search are collected in a structured manner and processed in a comprehensible way. In the process, we translate the technologies and application possibilities in question into your corporate context. This provides the decision-making bodies in your company with a structured overview of current technology trends and enables you to identify the technological thrust and determine the specific need for action.

First of all, the exact information requirements must be determined so that the information can then be obtained and evaluated in a targeted manner. In this context, the content-related design and structuring of the scouting process as well as the consideration of the interfaces to other corporate divisions and external partners are of great importance.