Value-oriented manufacturing concepts

Developing technology and process knowledge through concept studies

The digitalization and electrification of the automobile is causing the expertise of manufacturers of conventional powertrains to lose importance. New, different competencies must be acquired. This concerns, for example, new drive and energy storage systems and the associated production technologies and process chains. 

What needs to be done?

In order to determine the challenges and potentials arising from electrification, for example, detailed studies of alternative drive systems and their manufacturing processes offer a suitable approach.

We can precisely assist you

We analyze the usage behavior of your customers and recommend suitable technologies on this basis. The analysis of possible manufacturing processes for energy storage and electric drive systems as well as their alternatives is important in order to be able to plan the manufacturing of tomorrow. Among other things, we analyze technical properties of electrical components. Based on the results, we derive the technological requirements for the manufacturing technologies and process chains of the corresponding system and plan the scaling of production as well as adequate quality assurance.