Competence-based diversification

Addressing new markets through competence-based diversification

The mobility revolution is leading to new regulators, competitors and technologies on the market. Many components and systems are being eliminated without replacement in the course of electrification.

With regard to technologically specialized supplier companies as well as machine and plant manufacturers, what does this imply?

According to our projections, the replacement of internal combustion engines by electric motors will reduce the value added to the overall vehicle by around five percent and in some cases shift it entirely to new areas. This entails an enormous risk that you can counteract with technology-based diversification.

We can precisely assist you in cooperation with KEX AG

Our goal is for you to use the competencies you have built up over many years to enter new markets or new product areas. Using technology and competence-based diversification, we systematically analyze your competencies and identify the technological basis. Together, we develop a diversification strategy based on the definition of objectives and the development of search profiles. We create a longlist of potential applications in the search fields and jointly prioritize the listed applications in a workshop. This is followed by a detailed analysis of the prioritized applications and we evaluate the economic viability as well as the time relevance of the diversification potentials. On this basis, we derive implementation measures for tapping the diversification potential and create an implementation roadmap.