A desire for emission-free, sustainable mobility, loss of trust in conventional drive technology, government subsidies and technological progress all show that e-mobility must be a key component of the Energy Transition. This shift will have a disruptive, lasting impact on the automotive industry and their suppliers, radically affecting the entire value chain.

Electric mobility offers many benefits

Replacing combustion engines with electric powertrains will massively reduce the complexity of cars. Thus, a large share of the existing portfolio including a large range of system and component suppliers is no longer required. At the same time, barriers to market entry are decreasing for producers of complete vehicles, which can now compete with large OEMs owing to reduced complexity of the cars.

Switching to the e-mobility market

To remain viable, established businesses need to radically rethink their existing expertise, technologies and structures. Great opportunities can be found for instance in components of electric powertrain: Batteries and components for electric engines, too, have to be manufactured and assembled in great quantities.

The Fraunhofer IPT is glad to support you in making the switch into the e-mobility market.

Our services

  • Identifying future client needs and developing business models
  • Analyzing existing expertise and expertise required for transformation
  • Supporting transformation processes
  • Workshops on ideation and defining a strategy

Our partners

  • KEX Knowledge Exchange AG
  • PEM Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components