Data driven business models on industrial platforms in the automotive industry

Data-driven business models on "Connected Car" platforms are currently heavily affecting various players in the automotive industry. This is particularly true for the large automotive OEMs and technology companies that build their own platforms or launch corresponding services on them.

Third-party platforms as an attractive scaling option

In addition to the OEM-operated platforms, there are other platform providers whose service portfolio goes far beyond pure infotainment-related services. These innovative third-party vendors have a great deal of openness to work with complementors such as established manufacturing companies. This can be justified by the fact that a lot of technological know-how is needed for the successful implementation of certain use cases - for example from the field of »Predictive Maintenance«. The platform providers are particularly interested in domain knowledge and the data or data models prepared therein. In contrast to aftermarket solutions through retrofits, smartphone, or the OBDII interface, working with these third-party platforms offers greater scaling potential.

The Technology Management department of the Fraunhofer IPT has analyzed approx. 40 existing platform concepts and their data usage, monetization concepts, development status, used interfaces as well as the various relevant platform participants. Based on these results, we identify those platform concepts that could be suitable as partners for you by analyzing your product or service portfolio. Furthermore, we develop concrete use cases in ideation workshops and assist you in the implementation of these on the appropriate platforms.

Our services

  • Overview and description of existing platform solutions
  • Ideation, conception and implementation support of use cases that complement our own service portfolio
  • Identification of platforms on which these use cases can be implemented