hy-fcell – International Expo and Conference

Stuttgart, 13.–14. September 2023

Designs and technologies from the construction kit

At the hy-fcell trade fair, the Fraunhofer IPT presents its latest developments and research work on the topics of hydrogen and fuel cells. In particular, the repertoire of the technology and design kit as well as the PEM fuel cell stack are the focus of the event. 

The technology toolbox provides a summary of the suitable production processes that can be considered for individual production steps in component manufacturing. Against the background of a precise design and a production scenario which, among other things, provides information about the desired number of units, the technology building block provides an evaluation of these possible technologies. For this purpose, the advantages and disadvantages of individual design variants are explained in the design kit and the requirements for neighboring components are stored.  

An economic evaluation of the respective production process can also be derived from the technology kit. In this way, the technology kit provides a decision-making basis for selecting the right production process and helps to design a system or component in a way that is suitable for production.

In addition to its presence at the trade fair, the Fraunhofer IPT will be hosting a series of lectures in the context of fuel cell production on the forming of bipolar plates and quality analysis in manufacturing. Speakers from industry and research will present their current concepts here.

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