Non-isothermal Glass Molding

Economically efficient production of complex optics made of glass

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Mold inserts out of ceramics for Glass Molding

As an innovative forming process, non-isothermal glass molding is particularly suitable for the production of complex shaped light guides and for the mass production of lighting optics with total internal reflection for LED lighting.

Light guides and lenses can be optimally manufactured by non-isothermal molding. The heating of the inexpensive blanks is done quickly and efficiently by decoupling the glass from the mold. After molding in the colder molding tool for about 15 seconds, the finished light guide is cooled down outside the mold. After the molding process, no further mechanical post-processing of the glass component is necessary.

In addition, the use of multicavity and wafer scale approaches allow a variety of products to be manufactured in a single forming step. This enables you to use the advantages of glass as a material for your application, because the cycle times achieved in this way guarantee a cost-effective process suitable for series production.