Seminar  /  September 26, 2023

In 7 Steps to a Successful AI Implementation


AI offers the potential to increase product quality and process efficiency, while decreasing scrap rates and machine downtimes. However, companies often lack the know-how to identify suitable AI use cases for their own company, the methodological knowledge to carry out AI projects and how to structure a team for AI projects. Often there is also a lack of experience in dealing with possible problems during implementation and how to deploy a final model.


Within seven modules, the most relevant phases and principles for applying ML and AI in production are presented. In every step, a comprehensive methodological overview and hurdles to be overcome within an AI implementation are presented. The theoretical sessions are further accompanied by practical exercises through hands-on programming modules, in which the participants are implementing ML models.


Enable you as a company to identify suitable AI use cases for your company, successfully implement AI projects, successfully deploy and certify AI systems into production and gain programming experience for ML implementation.