Daniel Zontar M.Sc.

Daniel Zontar studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University. In his master's degree program, he chose automation technology as his specialization and completed his studies in 2014 with a master's thesis on the topic of "Automated assembly of optical components of diode lasers". Between 2009 and the completion of his master's thesis, Daniel Zontar worked as a student assistant at the Fraunhofer IPT. In 2014, he started working as a research assistant at Fraunhofer IPT, focusing on active alignment strategies for optical systems. At the beginning of 2018, he took over as head of the "Machine Development and Machine Networking" group. As coordinator of international research and industry projects, he developed various technologies for the control of assembly cells as well as solutions for special purpose and classic processing machines. Since June 2018, Daniel Zontar has headed the "Precision Technology and Automation" department at the Fraunhofer IPT. In addition, he has served as Vice Director for the Fraunhofer Project Center for Embedded Bioanalytical Systems at Dublin City University since 2020.


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Appropriate Smart Factory for SMEs: Concept, Application and Perspective
Jung, W.-K.; Kim, D.-R.; Lee, H.; Lee, T.-H.; Yang, I.; Youn, B.D.; Zontar, D.; Brockmann, M.; Brecher, C.; Ahn, S.-H.
Journal Article
2021A novel design concept for a thermally stable linear scale using two different materials
Lee, T.H.; Gim, H.; Oh, S.; Gotthardt, T.; Tzanetos, F.; Schmetz, A.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.
Journal Article
2020Automated PM-fiber array assembly with high-precision four DOF alignment
Berger, M.; Alippi, A.; Haag, S.; Hoeren, M.; Müller, T.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2020Automated sensor-guided packaging of diamond tools
Ehret, S.; Saunders, G.D.; Hillmer, N.; Müller, T.; Hoeren, M.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2020Biologische Transformation in der Produktion
Brecher, Christian; Broos, Alexander; Essig, Bernd; Hofmann, Boris; Mallmann, Guilherme; Muecke, Thomas; Queins, Marcus; Streichfuss, Martin; Tavakolian, Armin; Zontar, Daniel
Book Article
2020Directly printed low-cost nanoparticle sensor for vibration measurement during milling process
Min, S.-H.; Lee, T.H.; Lee, G.-Y.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.; Ahn, S.-H.
Journal Article
2020Evaluation of Industry 4.0 Data formats for Digital Twin of Optical Components
Schmetz, Arno; Lee, Tae Hun; Hoeren, Maximilian; Berger, Marvin; Ehret, Susanne; Zontar, Daniel; Min, Soo-Hong; Ahn, Sung-Hoon; Brecher, Christian
Journal Article
2020High precision automated tab assembly with micro optics for optimized high-power diode laser collimation
Forrer, M.; Strub, H.; Honig, T.; Koller, N.; Kunz, A.; Moser, H.; Brecher, C.; Hoeren, M.; Zontar, D.
Conference Paper
2020OCT measurement of aspheric polymer lenses for adaptive assembly of micro optical imaging objectives
Riediger, M.; Berger, M.; Hoeren, M.; König, N.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.; Schmitt, R.
Conference Paper
2020Offline development of active alignment based on empirical virtual environments
Zontar, D.; Tavakolian, A.; Hoeren, M.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2020Performance comparison between model-based and machine learning approaches for the automated active alignment of FAC-lenses
Hoeren, M.; Zontar, D.; Tavakolian, A.; Berger, M.; Ehret, S.; Mussagaliyev, T.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2019Automated sprue removal from injection moulded micro-optics with ultrasonic cutting
Berger, Marvin; Hoeren, Maximilian; Sauer, Sebastian; Müller, Tobias; Zontar, Daniel; Brecher, Christian
Conference Paper
2019Hybrid modeling of thermo-elastic behavior of a three-axis machining center using integral deformation sensors
Brecher, Christian; Lee, Tae Hun; Tzanetos, Filippos; Zontar, Daniel
Journal Article
2019Investigation of the negative influence of cooling lubricants on the deformation of the machine tool structure
Brecher, Christian; Tzanetos, Filippos; Zontar, Daniel
Conference Paper
2019Lab-on-a Disc - Automated Production of Microfluidic Systmes: Poster presented at Tag der Immunforschung, 19.06.2019, Frankfurt a. M.
Berger, Marvin; Voebel, Toni; Rohrbeck, Malte; Zontar, Daniel; Ducrée, Jens; Brecher, Christian
2019Laser-based measurement of thermo-elastic structural deviation of machine tools
Brecher, C.; Lee, T.H.; Teichert, J.; Tzanetos, F.; Zontar, D.
Conference Paper
2019Offline development of active-alignment-algorithms by efficient interpolation of discrete databases
Hoeren, Maximilian; Zontar, Daniel; Sauer, Sebastian; Schmetz, Arno; Berger, Marvin; Müller, Tobias; Brecher, Christian
Conference Paper
2019Polygon scanner based ultra-short pulse laser processing for continuous manufacturing
Priwisch, M.; Dormann, S.; Zontar, D.; Hönninger, C.; Penning, L.; Loor, R. de; Bruneel, D.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2019Simulation of electrical conductivity for nanoparticles and nanotubes composite sensor according to geometrical properties of nanomaterials
Min, Soo-Hong; Lee, Tae Hun; Lee, Sangwook; Song, Ji-Hyeon; Lee, Gil-Yong; Zontar, Daniel; Brecher, Christian; Ahn, Sung-Hoon
Journal Article
2019Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Ausrichtung von polarisationserhaltenden Lichtleitfasern
Haag, Sebastian; Alippi, Andrea; Dekker, Ronald; Müller, Tobias; Zontar, Daniel
2017Active alignment of DOE based structured light application in consumer electronics
Zontar, D.; Müller, T.; Sauer, S.; Hettler, N.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2017Individualized FAC on bottom tab subassemblies to minimize adhesive gap between emitter and optics
Sauer, S.; Müller, T.; Haag, S.; Beleke, A.; Zontar, D.; Baum, C.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2016Flexible assembly module for beam-shaping product families based on support structures
Haag, S.; Rübenach, O.; Beleke, A.; Haverkamp, T.; Müller, T.; Zontar, D.; Wenzel, C.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2016Machine platform and software environment for rapid optics assembly process development
Sauer, S.; Müller, T.; Haag, S.; Zontar, D.
Conference Paper
2016Model-based adhesive shrinkage compensation for increased bonding repeatability
Müller, T.; Schlette, C.; Lakshmanan, S.; Haag, S.; Zontar, D.; Sauer, S.; Wenzel, C.; Brecher, C.; Roßmann, J.
Conference Paper
2015Adjustable mounting device for high-volume production of beam-shaping systems for high-power diode lasers
Haag, S.; Bernhardt, H.; Rübenach, O.; Haverkamp, T.; Müller, T.; Zontar, D.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2015Customizable assembly solutions for optical systems
Müller, T.; Haag, S.; Zontar, D.; Sauer, S.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2015Maximizing coupling-efficiency of high-power diode lasers utilizing hybrid assembly technology
Zontar, D.; Dogan, M.; Fulghum, S.; Müller, T.; Haag, S.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2015Minimal-effort planning of active alignment processes for beam-shaping optics
Haag, S.; Schranner, M.; Müller, T.; Zontar, D.; Schlette, C.; Losch, D.; Brecher, C.; Rossmann, J.
Conference Paper
2015Simultaneous power and beam-shape optimization of an OPSL resonator
Haag, S.; Sauer, S.; Garlich, T.; Seelert, W.; Brecher, C.; Müller, T.; Zontar, D.
Conference Paper
2015Strategies for precision adhesive bonding of micro-optical systems
Müller, T.; Venu, V.K.; Haag, S.; Zontar, D.; Sauer, S.; Wenzel, C.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2015Virtual commissioning of automated micro-optical assembly
Schlette, C.; Losch, D.; Haag, S.; Zontar, D.; Roßmann, J.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2014Chain of refined perception in self-optimizing assembly of micro-optical systems
Haag, S.; Zontar, D.; Schleupen, J.; Müller, T.; Brecher, C.
Journal Article
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