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We close the gap between research and industrial technology application.

Technology Transfer Turbomachinery

We Bring Research into Action

The demands placed on modern turbomachines are diverse and extremely demanding: Due to social and political objectives and economic competition, economic, ecological and social aspects must be taken into account in production and operation. Harmonizing these three important areas is associated with numerous opportunities, but also currently presents manufacturers and operators with major challenges.

This calls for a close exchange between industry and science. It is above all cooperation between companies and research institutions that provides important impulses and generates new ideas. However, the relationship between science and industry is still not permeable enough. Although there are a large number of joint research activities, science and industry do not yet cooperate across the board when it comes to transferring research results into practice. This is not least due to the lack of links between science and industry.

The Turbomachinery Technology Transfer Department closes this gap between industry and research for the turbomachinery sector. Do you need a competent partner for your important innovation topics or the know-how and infrastructure to further develop manufacturing technologies for engine components? Then you've come to the right place. We see ourselves as communicators who bring relevant topics and issues from industry to the research landscape, and as innovators who put research results into practice and put them "on the road".

Comprehensive Range of Rervices from Design to Concept

Our range of services extends from process design and the prototype production of individual components to the development of comprehensive manufacturing concepts. With our application-oriented approach, our focus is always on the transition from research to industrial application of the technology. Therefore, we address significantly higher "Technology Readiness Levels" (TRL) than basic university research. For our work, we access the state-of-the-art infrastructure and the entire technology portfolio of the Fraunhofer IPT and the Machine Tool Laboratory WZL at RWTH Aachen University. In addition, we see ourselves as communicators who bring relevant topics and questions from industry into the research landscape.

What Makes Us Special

  • We have a comprehensive understanding of design intents, i.e. the requirements of the components in later operation.
  • We have a wide range of manufacturing technologies at our disposal to research and test the ideal production chain.
  • With the help of our digitally networked 5G infrastructure, we create process transparency and look into the "black box" of manufacturing processes.
  • Our team works highly motivated and with passion.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Active exchange between research and industry
  • Addressing of high TRL
  • Manufacturing of Prototypes
  • Testing of new technologies using real components
  • Full access to the entire technology portfolio of Fraunhofer IPT and WZL
  • All the relevant technologies for the turbomachinery sector

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Digitization is one of the central issues of our time. Many derived methods are already being used in production engineering.


Business Unit of
the Fraunhofer IPT


Turbomachinery Technologies

We work on the economic realization of networked, adaptive manufacturing chains. Numerous different technologies are used for this purpose.


Use of Technology and Prototype Production

  • On-site technological analysis
  • Machine and manufacturing concepts
  • Prototype production and project