Production quality

The competitiveness of manufacturing companies fundamentally depends on faultless as well as efficient production processes. Consistent digitalization and cross-linking of production data and maximal resource efficiency play an important role in the era of "Industrie 4.0" in a sense of a cross-linked, highly adaptive production. Here it is very important to know and apply appropriate methods, software tools and technologies. Practical experience and well-founded methods form the basis of qualified and comprehensive consulting concerning  the organization and quality assurance of your productions.

Research and consulting

The experiences and insights gathered in our research and consulting projects directly enter our services. Through our extensive network of Fraunhofer-institutes and research institutions at RWTH Aachen University, we are able to specifically extend our service range for our customers. Gladly, we develop individually customized solutions for your cross-linked adaptive production. Please feel free to contact us!

Our fields of research and consulting

Production organization in the era "Industrie 4.0"

An efficient and quality-orientated production organization is the main key to high competitiveness of manufacturing companies. A synchronized production, optimized layouts, efficient material flows and integrated quality assurance strategies are essential aspects in order to reach optimal productivity. An appropriate connection with superior software systems and selection of appropriate machines and measurement technologies complete an Industrie 4.0-conform production.

Our services

  • Planning and optimization of your production processes, layouts, material flows and quality assurance according to lean production, six sigma and Industrie 4.0-principles
  • Technological, ecological and economical assessment of alternative process chains
  • Selection of transportation, production machines and measurement systems
  • Profitability and risk analyses of existing production sites
  • Optimization of energy and resource consumptions of existing production process chainsCost and quality focused selection of machinery and metrology

Software systems for production control and quality assurance

An important aspect of "Industrie 4.0" is the digitalization of production information. Learning effects results, especially through analysis of order, quality and process data. For an automated and fast data collection manufacturing, execution systems or computer-aided-quality-systems are the systems of choice. Based on real time information of your production, the principles of production control can be automated and extended with new target dimensions.

Our services

  • Conception and integration of systems for production control and quality assurance (MES, SCADA and CAQ-systems)
  • Definition of interfaces with PLM, ERP or CAx-systems
  • Development of new algorithms and methods for production control and quality assurance
  • Development of own MES or CAQ-modules in research and development projects

Information management and data analytics
Many data sources within and outside the enterprise contain valuable information concerning products, processes and orders. While learning of such information, companies are able to prevent faults, recognize risks and reduce costs.

Along with our customers, we analyze their production structure and develop approaches for the digitalization of relevant information sources. Based on data-based methods, we are already able to determine the reliability of technical self-optimizing Industrie 4.0 production processes.

Our services

  • Development of data structures for your systems landscape
  • Selection and application of Six Sigma as well as Data Mining and Predictive Analytics tools
  • Development of software modules for data analysis
  • Fault, risk and reliability analyses for your production and quality assurance
  • Project risk management and risk management for learning organizations

Workplace of the future: Assembly, logistics and quality assurance with smart devices

As other smart devices, smart glasses will become a fundamental component of future workplaces. Therefore, we develop server systems, apps and interfaces with quality and production data collection as well as for data provision: The perfect application area for smart glasses and truly "Industrie 4.0".
With our system platform, we have the chance to integrate different smart devices, to use them for assembly, logistics and testing procedures. The operator receives all information directly on the device. If the operator integrates smart glasses, he/she is able to carry out manual work simultaneously. Even feedback such as testing or error data in superior systems can be provided in place and real time. This improves the efficiency of error messages or documentation tasks. We look forward to find the optimal solution for your manual process in order to support your employees.

Our services

Research projects

Here you can find a list as well as a detailed description of our research projects


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