Resist development and structure characterization

Parameter adjustment for optimal processes

Photopolymers are an important basis for successful lithographic structuring

The Fraunhofer IPT has set itself the goal of opening up individualized lithography methods such as two-photon polymerization or SLM-based interference lithography as mastering technologies for established impression processes. This requires high stability and resistance to mechanical and temperature-related stresses. For this reason, the IPT cooperates in various joint projects with the company micro resist technology GmbH (MRT), which has decades of experience in the production of photosensitive polymers. In iterative experiments, MRT makes variants of established products available to the IPT, which are then tested on site with the lithography methods regarding structure, resolution and demouldability and then brought to market readiness by MRT.

With the highly individualized structuring through 2-photon polymerization and SLM-based interference lithography, the demands on measurement technology are also increasing. The IPT has several different methods at its disposal for this purpose. Specifically, these are white light interferometry, confocal microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy. Depending on the customer's requirements (e.g. quantitative measurement or qualitative overview) and the structure geometry, certain methods must be selected or combined. The versatile µsoft analysis premium software from NanoFocus AG is available for evaluation.

Our service

  • Feasibility studies for the structuring of different photopolymers and their derivatives, if applicable
  • Feasibility studies on the demouldability of different geometries from certain photopolymers
  • Parameter tests to optimize the structure quality
  • Measurement of your individual micro- and/or nanostructures, including prior GageR&R analysis on request
  • Advice on the selection of suitable measuring methods for your individual structure



Support in the development of novel, photosensitive materials for the optimized production of individual micro- and nanostructures.


Support in quality management and improvement of your processes through high-precision measurement technology.



Production of microstructured tools for the replication of hybrid optics using 3D laser lithography.


Production of nanostructured master tools using 3D laser lithography for UV replication of diffractive optical elements.


To cure certain corneal diseases, the Fraunhofer IPT is investigating micro topographies like the Descemet membrane, which can be used to produce autologous transplants from the patient's cells.