Galvanic production of microstructured mold inserts

Where conventional manufacturing processes such as diamond turning or mask lithography reach their limits due to demanding geometrics, the field of application is the galvanic replication of components: mold inserts made of nickel and nickel-phosphorus can be produced by an electrochemical deposition process.

Pure nickel

In the ultra-pure nickel facility at Fraunhofer IPT, we can mold inserts up to a size of 250 mm x 350 mm x 2 mm. Pure nickel is characterized by extreme hardness and resistance in downstream processes.


Mold inserts made of nickel-phosphorus have a particularly high degree of hardness, but at the same time offer good possibilities for finishing. For ultra-precise mold inserts, nickel-phosphorus components, unlike pure nickel, can also be excellently reworked in turning or milling processes and guarantee maximum precision.

Our service offer

  • Production of nickel shims
  • Replication of polymer substrates
  • Maximum dimensions: 250 mm x 350 mm x 2 mm
  • Nickel-phosphorus coatings of components