Laser induced plasma analysis

Material recognition and defined layer thickness removal in multilayer systems

Micromachining with the laser beam can be applied to a wide range of materials. Especially for surface structuring and subsequent functionalization of multilayer materials such as lithium-ion accumulators, fuel cells and photovoltaic cells, the laser offers an extremely flexible tool. For example, the production of conductor tracks requires a precisely defined removal of multilayer materials in order to expose individual conductor layers as functional conductor tracks. This requires extremely precise control and regulation of the laser process, as this is the only way to ensure that deeper layers are not damaged in the ablation process.

Since optical measuring systems can be integrated directly coaxially into the optical beam paths of laser systems, inline process monitoring is suitable for controlling laser processes and feedback process information into the machine control system. In combination with suitable data processing and the corresponding feedback to the laser machine, a robust production process can be achieved.

For real-time process control in the processing of sandwich materials, the Fraunhofer IPT relies on "Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)": This measuring principle records the variation in plasma emission at the interfaces of the layers in multilayer systems and thus makes it possible to control the laser process between the individual laser pulses.

Our services

  • Development of pre-assembled measuring systems and control strategies
  • Integration of measuring systems in laser machines
  • Implementation of adaptive process control
  • Validation and characterization of the measurement process


Breakdown test for multilayer materials

The LIBS provide high-resolution real-time monitoring and is ideal for laser process control in multi-material systems.

Material testing

Independent of the laser process control, a ready-made LIBS system can non-destructively test the composition of any materials with a few ablation pulses.


Process Monitoring

(Kunze et al., 2016): Inline Plasma Analysis as Tool for Process Monitoring in Laser Micro Machining for Multi-layer Materials, Fraunhofer IPT, 2016.