ICNAP Study Report 2023

Study Report / ICNAP /

The "ICNAP Study Report 2023" presents the results of five collaborative research and development studies conducted by the International Center for Networked Adaptive Production (ICNAP) and its industry partners in 2023. They condense current findings, facts, figures, and results from discussion, workshops, research, and development collaborations between researchers and partner companies in the ICNAP community.

The results of the collaboration reflect the community's insights on the following topics:

  • Industrialization of Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovative Power Solutions
  • Realizing Plug-and-Produce
  • Digital Twin Demonstrator
  • Energy Monitoring Framework

In the ICNAP expert community, three Aachen-based Fraunhofer institutes join forces with other stakeholders from industry and researchin order to pool their know-how and develop new approaches in information technology for the road to Industry 4.0.