Do good and talk about it: Content perspectives for your sustainability report

Are you facing the challenge of creating a comprehensive sustainability report for your company? Do you find it difficult to identify the specific reporting standards, norms and guidelines that are relevant to your business amid the multitude of options available? Is it clearly defined what sustainability means for your company and which areas it encompasses and deems essential?  

Creating a sustainability report has long been a requirement for stock exchange companies, and gradually this obligation is extending to small and medium sized companies as well. Preparing such a report requires a systematic analysis of relevant standards and regulations alongside the already ongoing activities. The outcome not only provides transparency for reporting purposes but also aids in identifying sustainability potentials within your value chain. In this way, you not only ensure your competitiveness but also send a strong signal for a sustainable future.  

Clear presentation of sustainability initiatives 

Fraunhofer IPT is happy to support you in developing a sustainability report and in presenting your sustainability initiatives the right way. Together, we structure the report while taking into account relevant laws and guidelines. We identify appropriate key performance indicators and - in collaboration with you - develop action areas and measures.

Reports for various audiences

We assist you not only in creating a public sustainability report but also in producing a management summary to address various audiences, including your employees, as well as customers. Moreover, we provide a data-driven foundation for both investors and internal control.