Investment Planning for a Sustainable Manufacturing Operation

Investments in manufacturing generate significant benefits for productivity, flexibility, quality and the overall performance of production processes and resources. Often, however, decisions to invest in equipment and operating resources are based on short-term budget considerations and not sufficiently focussed on long-term objectives.

The scientific process for the derivation of an Investment Road Map – which was developed at the Fraunhofer IPT and has already been successfully applied by multiple client companies – is an instrument for long-term, sustainable investment planning. It takes into account the technological, but also the economic and strategic requirements of a company. Based on our analysis of these requirements, we subsequently develop manufacturing strategies and a company-specific Road Map for sustainable investments. This Road Map determines whether and, if yes, when and in what form replacement investments, new investments or divestments may be advisable or even necessary.

Our Services

  • Analysis of technological and process-specific requirements
  • Detailed work piece analysis of your component range
  • Benchmark-based assessment of your machinery’s  performance potential
  • Manufacturing strategy for the mechanical production of your tool manufacturing operation
  • Detailed Road Map for the implementation of investment measures


Here you will find a selection of our projects in the area "Investment Planning".

Key Features of our service range

Work piece analysis

Our tried and tested method of systematically capturing and registering the entire work piece range provides a sound foundation for an analysis of the technological and process-specific requirements that your production facilities have to meet. Work Piece Analysis


We establish the performance limits of manufacturing resources with the help of a complex evaluation system and reveal technological deficits that need to be addressed in view of forthcoming manufacturing challenges.


We develop a manufacturing strategy which is based on the work piece requirements that we have established, the required machine capacities, the existing capacities and the strategic objectives of your company.

Investment Road Map

We design a systematic investment plan to implement your manufacturing strategy. This plan also addresses the question of whether and, if yes, when replacement investments, new investments and divestments may be advisable or even necessary.